Meet D.J. Adkins

A multi-instrumentalist from the age of five, David Joshua "D.J." Adkins immersed himself in the music industry when he moved to Nashville in 2007.  At Belmont University, he majored in Commercial Music (Guitar Performance) and discovered a strong passion for music production.  Since graduating in 2011, he has consistently produced music on the cutting edge of modern recording trends. His distinct production style blends powerful arrangements, creative rhythms, tasteful melodic passages, and well timed effects that create a unique and commercially viable product for the artist.  

DJ’s attention to detail is killer. My favorite part of his productions has always been the intricate programming that he uses to fill out tracks. He has a great ear for finding what a track needs to sound “finished,” and for seamless transitions between sections, something that I feel many producers overlook.”

Trevor Hinesley – Co-Founder of Soundstripe

A creative producer who listens to the artist and helps make their vision come true.

Christiana Sudano – Universal Music Group

I was impressed with how he brings his musical ear to his productions. Having a musical ear outweighs basic theory and knowledge, and it’s what fuels the fire for creative production and writing.

Mike Cervantes – Mastering Engineer

It made my job easy when it came time to start each mix because the tracks were well produced and the arrangement was complementary to the rest of the song.

Travis Ball – Mixing Engineer

DJ has a natural gift for instantly comprehending a song’s potential. He is a creative visionary, and the speed and accuracy with which he orchestrates his visions is nothing short of astounding. He also possesses a rare charisma that allows artists to break out of their own heads and focus on the music.

Melon – Pop Recording Artist

I love that I was able to bounce ideas off of DJ with such ease. He made the entire recording process very smooth and productive.

Megan Duke – Pop Recording Artist

DJ is one of the best producers in Nashville, hands down. His sound is unique and commercially at the cutting edge. He's a consummate professional and one of my favorite producers to work with anywhere. He's also just one of the friendliest and most personable people I know.

Rowland Folensbee – Founder of The Musically Connected

Cutting through the noise in an effort to rise above it, David “DJ” Adkins plays a key role in defining the new Nashville sound. His ability to collaborate with every aspect of the music industry make him a valuable asset to any singer/songwriter, artist or music person that has the pleasure of working with him.

Derek Medeiros – BMI

I am always blown away by DJs level of professionalism, organization, and drive. He treats everyone with the utmost respect, while maintaining a down-to-earth, easy to work with attitude. His focus and dedication are unmatched, and continue to be an inspiration.

Josiah Toews – Cotton Valley Music